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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 10, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, the monster storm taking aim at the east coast. hurricane florence rapidly strengthentog potentially catastrophic category four. states of emergency declared, mandatory evacuations for the whole south carolina coast. >> people, we need to prepare. we urge you to do that. >> reporter: where and when could it hit? al roker is tracking the threat. dramatic new veo om right after a police officer fatally shot a neighbor in an apartment mixup. the charges she now faces. another media duitan out over sexual misconct allegations. eshow cbs' les moonv could way with a $120 million payday. bob woodward
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defends his new book to nbc news in the first ve interview accusing president trump of being detached from reality and the president is firing back. ra caught on ca, a city bus slamming into a store. and controon the court at the u.s. open. would sena have been penalized if she were a man? >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, eryone. as we come on the air tonight, more than 1 under orders to e evacuate the carolina coast as hurricane florence takes aim at the south and midla ic with a powerful storm surge expected, states of emergency are in effect for maryland to the carolinas. d florence gai strength throughout the day to what is now a major category four hurricane. the national hurricane center ts calli storm extremely dangerous and warning catastrophic damage will occur. florence lto further strengthen as the churns towards the u.s. landfall
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roughly 72 hours from now. our team is in place to cover it all. we start with kerry sanders. >> reporter: the photograph from space revealing florence is a monster. a hurricane with the to tebl potential tolter the coastal landscape. a state of emergency in four states tonight. he forecast places north carolina in the bull's eye of hurricane florence, and the storm is rapidly ing stronger. >> reporter: north carolina authorities already calling for a mandatory evacuation the outer banks. residents who often ride outtorms on these barrier islands taking no chances with this one. in south carolina today, surfers took to the growing waves. >> i'm prett worried.ep >>ter: by noon tomorrow, the governor says he will call for evacuations along his state's entire 187-mile long coast. >> if you're in the evacuati you need to get moving quickly. >> reporter: in virginia, the u.s. navy ordering 30 ships to sea. the race underway to hkirt this ever buildiricane.
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in maryland, the worry is florence could cause historic flooding. already ng lines for gas and in some cases stations running dry. water, ice and bread increasingly in short supply. the last time a targeted this coast, 1989, hugo. florence still three days away. >> very worried, yes. ry anxious. i couldn't sleep last night. >> reporter: from south carolina north to maryland and bend, all eyes tonight on the cone of uncertainty. this evening the governor of virginia ordering mandatory evacuations in his state. those evacuations in low lying coastal areas set to begin tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. lester. >> kerryrs, thank you. our team on the ground in raleigh, north carolina. one of the other major cities in this ic hue's potential path. our tammy leitner is there.
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tammy, this is impactinair travel, we understand. >> reporter: that's right, lester. i'm outside the airport in raleigh e travelers are already feeling the effects of hurricane florence. today airlines issued a travel advisory and thousands of flights up and down the east coast could be impacted. five of the major airlines have come out llnd announced they will travelers to change their flights at no cost and one thing to keep in mind is this won't ju affect the coastal cities. they are also expecting flooding land and one of the reasons is because once hurricane florence makes landfall, she's expected to stall and could dump 20 inches of rain and you may recall this is reminiscent of hurricanharvey about a year ago in texas. lester, they are saying it should be taken extremely seriously, is very dangerous and residents should be warned. >> tammy leitner, thank you.
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we'll show you the eye of the hurricane, florence as it barrels towards the east coast. we heard about the cone of uncertainty. it's too early to know the exact impact zone but what can we expect there? >> i'm telling you, has a wide swath, but take a look right now. we've got a very active map of hurricane isaac, florence and hurricane olivia, as well. florence, this iour main category of concern. 1100 miles from cape fair. it's making its way towards the coast. it makes landfall somewhere near wilmingtonle beach but it could come on shore as a category five storm. that's not out of realm of possibility as this makes its way towards us. here are the potential impacts. these are the heaviest
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winds from crlton and rainfall as tammy mentioned inland. look at this from central virginia rds of 20 inches of rain and then it sits and may cause even more damage, lester. we'll be watching this d talk about it into early next week. >> this will be .dominating our covera al, thank you. the other big story we're following tonight, the dallas police officer arrested for manslaughter after she went to the wrong apartment mistaking it for her own and fatally he man inside, the tenant. the victim's family questioning whether race may have played a hile prosecutors add more serious charges against that officer. miguel almaguer is in dallas with the latest. >> reporter: video captures the moment the race to save the victim's life and an unidentified female officer on a cell phone. evidence under revie by the district attorney. arrested on manslaughter charges, dallas police say officer amber guyger shot and kille boam
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john. >>anslaughter changes, could those change? >> definitely. >> reporter: investigators say when she sh john twice, she was in full uniform and just finished working a shift thursday night. >> it's chaotic but if anybody can get a suspect description. >> reporter: guyger arrived on the wrong floor and approached john's apartment that had a distinctive red door mat. she found the door slightly ajar, pushed it open and found john in the dark. she says she gave him verbal comnds which he ignored and opened fire. >> i'm not satisfied we have all the answers. >> reporter: the victim, an active church member and associate at ewaterhousecoopers is a native of st. lucia. his family asking was he killed because he was black? >> if he was a white man in that apartment, would it have been different? >> reporter: tonight so many unanswered questions, a 26-year-old gunned down inside his owme t the hands of an officer who was off
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duty. miguel almaguer, nbc news, dallas. another media giant, cbs chief les moonves out of a job after morom w came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. he could still get as much as $120 million in severance depending on the outcome of an investigation. our stephanie gosk has the latest for us. >> reporter: tonight a stunning fall r one of the most powerful men in media. cbs chief les moonves beesigned hours after ther of women im accusing of sexual misconduct doubled from six to 12 with the latest new yorker article. wife julie chen sat out today's season premiere. >> she's taking off time to be with her family. an> reporter: the networunced $20 million would be donated to the me too movement taken out of whatever severance moonves may t. >> when i turned like this, he gbbed my
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head and pulled it all the way down. >> repter: tv executive fiphilis golden says last year she went to the police in los angeles report the incident that took place in the '80s but the statute of limitations ran out. >> i would like to see ab him be accou. >> reporter: the latest round of accusations ranges from violent t ncounters to sexual assad harassment. >> nearly every time i went there, he propositioned me. >> reporter: debra was a massage therapist in the late '90s, hired to tre cbs staff including moonves. >> he took the sheet and threw it off of himself exposing himself to me. >> reporter: in a ement, moonves writes in part untrue allegations from w decades ago are being made against me that are not consistent with who i am. moonves told the new t yorker, three relationships were consensual but didn't say which three. tonight, even with the denials, thean edited with masterminding cbs' dominance is out of a job.
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hanie gosk, nbc news, new york. veteran journalist bob woodward is defending his book house. trump white woodward accused president trump of being detached from reality but the president and the white house are firing back. here is kristen welker. >> reporter: tonight, president trump calling bob woodward's bombshell of a book a joke on twitter. woodward defending the book on "today". >> it is mostly anonymous sources in here. why should people trust you? >> but the incidents e not anonymous. it gives a date. it gives a time. who participates. >> reporter: in fear, woodward details nc anecdotes thatde chief of staff john kelly calling the president an idiot and defense secretary g james mattis say mr. trump has the understanding of a fifth or sixth grader. >> john kelly
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aggressivelyushed back in this. general mattias aggressively pushing back. >> are they lying? >> they are not telling the truth. >> reporter: woodward's book echoes that op ed "the ne york times" with a top trump official saying they at times work against the president for the good of the country. more than two dozen officials deed iting it so will they have to take a lie detector test? >> no lie detectors are being used or talked about or looked at as a possibility. >> reporter: and the white house is trying to crack down on leaks rolling out a policy p thvents staffers from taking their phones anywhere near the situation room. lester? kristen welker, thanks. kim jong-uwants to do it again. the north korean leader asking president trump for a second summit but despitthe promises kim made to denuclearize and trump's continued prai nbc news learned u.s. intelligence believes m,hi north korea is se o
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still producing nuclear war heads. here is andrea mitchell. jong-un showing off military might but what you don't see here are nuclear weapons he is secretly building. despite president trump's constant a praise for kimnd tonight, three current and former senior u.s. officials tell nbc news u.s. intelligence says north korea is producing five eight new nuclear weapons this year. tnd building new structo hide them despite kim's promise to denuclearize and now the white house accepting kim's invitation for a second summit sent in a letter to the president today. >> the president achieved tremendous success with his policies so far and this letter was further evidence of progress in the relationship. >> reporter: criticsy ere is not progress in getting rid of kim's weapons. >> when the intelligence community saying they are building more and we don't know where they
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are and how many there are, there is no specific agreement as to how that's going to be defined. >> if the president is saying one, but the intelligence is showing something else, it's hard to believe the diplomacy is working or even to ev bethat the diplomacy has a chance of working. >> no word on when or where kim and the president uld meet but sarah sanders say they are already coordinating. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. todais world suicide prevention day and with the start of a new school year, we want to take a closer look tonight on efforts to prevent suicide and improve mental health on the nation's college campuses. kate snow with our series, one in five kids at risk. >> reporter: justin mercer is student ooeaching in a history clasthis fall. hard to imagine now that he almost didn't make it to this point. >> everyone has a sad day but depression specifically is much more tn that. it crushes you.
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it felt he weight of the world was on me. >> reporter: one day at the end of his freshman year, he clme e to taking his life. that day, what do you k thopped you? >> i knew thathe person to find me would have been my little sister and i couldn't have done that to her. i didn't ever want to die. i wanted it to stop. >> reporter: the next morning, he finally s pened up to his pared they helped him find counseling. now justin is trying to help other students before they get to that crisis point. at auburn university, use's deeply involve in a calub called active minds. >> the numbers show stress, anxiety, depression, all those things wcan measure are up in young people. does that make sense to you? >> definitely. >> reporter: sophodere shared openly with the group she lives with bipolar. >> i find ing i was searching for was community and consistency. >> something common amongst us, we're heto ave the conversation.
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>> reporter: it's not peer to peer counseling but a club and a safe space to talk about mental health iues. there are active minds whapters on 450 campusldwide and new research finds they make a difference. he >>heer presence of active minds at a school increases ess, decreases stigma and changes behaviors. h> reporter: justin will g masters in december. he wrote a book to share his experience. ne> my thing was, if i helperson, i'm good. that i've done my part. >> reporter: activnd at auburn lobby to expand campus counseling like a lot of schools for 29,000 students there, there are just 14 full-tim counselors and psychologists. lester? thank te snow you. we want to mention if you or someone you know needs help, the national suicide prevention line is 800-273-8255. there is also a crisis text line, 741741 for help. still ahead, is serena the targeseof xism? the growing outrage after a controversl
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people are still people are still talking about that controversial u.s. open women's final reoday with a number of tenniss offeringng up perspectives on wexism in the game and sereliams' on court behavior. nbc's kristen dahlgren tells us more. >> reporter: today, s. pen champion naomi osaka asked about that controversial call. >> i've been going all over the place so i can't really form an opinion right now. >> reporter: she is one of the few not taking sides. >> there is men out here that do a lot more. because i'm a woman you're going to take this away from me? that inot right. >> reporter: this weekend serena williams was down in the u.s. open final when umpire carlos ramos penalized her one game for saying this. it was so far outside of the norm
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for any penalty you see. >> reporter: tennis greatsharing opinions. andy roddick tweeting i regrettably said worse and never got a game penalty. one sayion't believe it's a good idea to apply a standard if men can get away with it, women should be able to, too. the u.s. open under re after a french player got a warning for changing her shi on the court. common for men. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: now new alquestions whether players are treated the same. >> maybe it didn't work out for me, but it's going to work out for the next person. still ome tonight, a massive explosion rocked a small town forcing evacuations. we'll be right back. but he has plans today. so he took aleve this morning. hey dad. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now.
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three passengers with injuries. the bus veered across the median into the oncoming lane before slamming into a dry cleaners. police and a bystander reportedly worked together to free the unresponsive driver trapped in the wreckage. a massive gas pipeline explosion rocked a neighborhood in pennsylvania early this morning e, destroying a h cars, garages and power lines. the pipeline's owner suggested a landslide may be to blame. luckily, nobody wain jured. up nexafter the break, the fashion statement stars are showing off and two inisters behind it. inspamerica. what comes next. if you move your old 401(k) to a fidelity ira, we make sure you're in the loop at every step from moment you decide to move your money ou to the instant ynew retirement account is funded. ♪ oh and at fidelity, you'll see how all your investments are rking together. becawhe when you know e you stand, things are just clearer. ♪ just remember what i said about a little bit o' soul ♪
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if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. i don't think about cigarettes anymore. talk to your doctor about chantix. bo>> finally tonight, a story two young finally tonight, a story about two young sisters from here in los angeles who found a way to
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viomething hurtful into a th business with a positive me age. now some of their favorite celebrities embraced their motto. it's tonight's inspiring america. 12-year-old carris rogers heard it as long as she can remember. >> kids would call me dead roach, you've been in the oven too long. they would tease me. >> she tried to put on a big face, her ster taylor saw her hurt and recalling a phrase she y knew well tweeted a photo of harris with the #flexininmycomplexion. >> what does that mean? >> it is what you k thout yourself. >> her post struck a chord. thousands had similar stories. >> we need to do something to empower other people to find that inner strength and confidence, as well. >> the answer was a clothing company. who decided to put this on a t-shirt? >> both of us.
7:28 pm
>> in the family garage, they stamp, iron and process the online orders earning $100,000 their first year. >> my personal favorite is the white and gold and the pink and green. >> i like the pink and green one. >> celebrities embraced their effort, too, from lebron james to alisha keys. >> i see this picture online of lupita wearing your shirt. t >> i was like is t her? this can't be lupita. i said taylor, did you see this. >> a little girl bullied for her skin co r. >> how do you feel about your complexion now? >> i feel my complexion is amazing. delightful young wo ladies.
7:29 pm
nice to spend time th them. they said they will invest the proceeds into a college fund. that is "nightly news" for night. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good
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i have never cheated in my life! >> i'm here fighting for women's rights. >> was it sexism or not? we've got both sides of t serena controversy covered. >> when he's directing me he says all you've got to do is


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